Today is Martin Luther King, Jr. (MLK) Holiday.  It means so much to me an others.  It means financial freedom!!  I know it is hard to understand.  During the 1960′s and today it was and is really hard for Black Folks.  I mean it is bad!!  However, we must acknowledge the bad and the good.  There are also good things happening as well.  African Americans need to be financially free. We need to own our business, own our homes, and to build wealth.  That is what Dr. King really wanted for African-Americans.  We also need to do business with other African-Americans.   Support Black Business.  We have wealth creation, and buying power ever.  Do you hear me!! Me have so much buying power.  (OMG!!)  And we need to realize this.  Black people spend a lot of money.  Don’t get it twisted.  But we need to spend money in the African American Community.  We use to do this in the 1920′s The Renaissance Era.   Not trying to live in the past, but back in the day, turn of the decade – we had more Doctors, Lawyers, Dry Cleaning Services, Dentist, you name it……We supported each other. We had to.  Remember The Times!!

One more thing, The African-American youth are amazing.  Our young brothers and sisters are smart.  Brilliant!! .  We need to listen to them very closely.  They have some answers.  You would be surprised.




EXECUTIVE OFFICE SERVICES is a Certified Woman Minority Owned and Operated Business Enterprise, (W/MBE).

Our Value Proposition is to function as an Executive Human Resources Consulting Business Enterprise.  Our primary objective is to partner with companies to help them achieve their human capital development goals and strategies.  Unlike other regular Human Resources Consulting Firms, EXECUTIVE OFFICE SERVICES is a Certified Women Minority Owned Enterprise.  We work closely with our clients to ensure their total satisfaction at all times.

As an Executive Human Resources Staffing / Executive Recruiting Consulting Enterprise, EXECUTIVE OFFICE SERVICES is dedicated to helping professionals in furthering their career goals and provides the benefit of bringing together qualified professionals with quality companies. The company provides full service executive human resources business consulting services by referring business professional within every major discipline.
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Untapped Resource: Women

According to Manufacturing Engineering – The role of women might play in helping to resolve manufacturing’s workforce shortage continues to gain more prominence.

Recently Deloitte and the Manufacturing Institute released a report, “Untapped Resource,” that outlined how women could play a key role in solving the workforce shortage.  The Society of Manufacturing Engineers and the University of Phoenix also sponsored the report.  Among the findings:

51% of those surveyed cite the main driver of women’s under representation in manufacturing is the perception of a male-favored culture.

80% of respondent’s believe that manufacturers can improve their efforts to recruit women.

As many as 600,000 manufacturing jobs remain unfilled and 70% of manufacturing companies report experiencing a moderate to severe talent shortage.  Addressing this crisis head on mean taking steps to recruit, retain and promote women or risk future success.

The report said that highlighting the role of women in manufacturing is important in attracting more of them to the industry.  On the same day, the report was released, 122 women were honored at the inaugural STEP Awards at the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington, D.C.

The STEP Awards are the recognition component of the manufacturing Institute’s STEP Ahead Initiative, highlighting women who have demonstrated Science, Technology, Engineering and Production (STEP) excellence in manufacturing.  The awards recognize women at all levels of a manufacturing organization from the factory floor to the C-Suite.

Everyday is important to partner with companies, government and educational institutions in building a talented workforce for today and tomorrow.  In order to advance the manufacturing sector, we must attract more women to the industry.

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